• Business Marketing - we're experts in marketing and developing your business

    We can help you market and develop your business including SEO work and social media.

  • Business Advice - workflow analysis

    We can help you improve your business and advise on business systems and workflow procedures.

  • Credit Control - day and night

    Using our in-house software, businesses can outsource their credit control and debt management to us in a very economical way.

  • Business Financial Services - a common sense approach to your finances

    We have an in-depth knowledge of the finance markets, ranging from debt providers, venture capital, private equity, alternative investors and high net worth investors, which will meet your needs as a business.

  • Business Marketing

    Looking to raise your business profile?

  • Business Advice and Help

    We are the UK's Leading independent business advisors.

  • Credit Control

    Monitor the impact of using credit control.

  • Business Financial Services

    We offer support and fundraising for a range of business scenarios.

Cera Bank Finance
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Welcome to the The Horizon Group  of Companies

We are a leading independent consultancy firm in the UK specialising in Business and Finance.  Our clients include private and public companies, financial institutions both in the UK and abroad.  We have advised and funded companies since 1990.

We are a specialist Investment. Finance and Business Group with many in house services, including Consultancy and Brokerage services. We are Master Brokers for Cera Finance house a top lending institution.for further information on the range of finance available or to apply for funding click on the cera link 

  • www.cerabank.com

    Solutions to Business and Financial Problems

  • We solve problems and provide solutions for matters such as: 

    Accountancy - Banking Issues - Cash Flow - Compliance Matters - Debt Problems - Disputes - Business Finance - Health and Safety - Insurance - IT - Legal Arguments - Digital Marketing
     - Promotions and Traditional Marketing  - Recruitment - Re-structuring - Staff Matters  - Business Structuring - Tax Matters - Tribunals  - Workflow Analysis

    Business Services 

    We offer a full range of business services which can include preparing and consulting on business plans, capital advisory, SEO and marketing work etc. For additional service please click on the business services link at the top of this home page.

    You can engage our services at any stage that your business is from start-up to development to exit and we can help either on a short term or long term contract.This enables you to have available for your business experienced executives with the skills and contacts required to develop your business. 

    Initial meetings are FREE of Charge

    All clients receive a login portal to receive updates . From your client portal you can access many other facilities that are only available for registered clients. 

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