Client Testimonials

The following are some comments from our clients.

The Horizon Group came to our Legal practice and have worked extensively on our workflow. The costs that The Horizon Group charged have been saved many times over with the savings that they made in restructuring our practice. They also looked at the way the firm was financed, and then refinanced us. We now have far better facilities than before and have managed to expand and increase our turn over. We have no hesitation in recommending this capable Group and we continue to work with them. 

Peter Stevens - Solicitor

We work closely alongside The Horizon Group developing websites for their clients who are seeking to improve their online presence. The Horizon group analysis and production of solutions for business problems has assisted our own clients in many ways. We have no difficulty in providing references for The Horizon Group and are pleased to do so. 

Mr S. Bartlett - Managing Director
Website: www.globalprospect.co.uk


Examples of The Type of Projects we are or have been involved with

The Horizon Group has been involved over a number of years with most types of Projects and industry large and small. Why not give us a call to find out more. 

Treasure Cove Resort
Website: www.treasurecoveresort.com 

Interval International
Website: www.intervalworld.com 

Masion De La France (French Govement)
Website: www.uk.franceguide.com 

Island One INC
Website: www.islandone.com 

Bin Ham Oil
Website: www.binhamoilgroup.com 

Acer Consultants
Website: www.acerconsultants.com 

BKP Services
Website: www.bkpgroup.com 

Regal Hotels
Website: www.regalhotel.com

There is also a pdf download available from our PDF link on property developments we have or are involved with

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