At The Horizon Group we offer a full range of marketing advice and facilities to enhance your business.

We can help with many forms of marketing. including Social Media  And Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is anything to do with the web or mobile phones and is a modern medium for persons under the age of 35.

Marketing your business in the correct way is important not all forms of marketing is the same.  It is important to be very clear about what you are trying to achieve, how much you have to achieve it with and over what period of time you have to achieve your results.

At The Horizon Group we can help you select the right campaign.

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Marketing Lists

At The Horizon Group we are able to produce from our vast databases and resources cost effective marketing lists for most types of business and industries.

The lists are normally supplied in csv or text format and can then be imported into most databases for use.

Typical information on our list is the company name, contact, mailing address, telephone, fax, email and website.

Please note that some contact details may not include all of the fields as described.

Contact us for further information and some sample data in your industry.

Marketing Plan

At The Horizon Group we will help you produce a marketing plan.

A marketing plan is very similar to a business plan and helps guide a company both big and small in how to get the most from a marketing agenda.

The art of marketing is making someone do something they didn't think they wanted to do, but found in fact that they did once you persuaded them to try it and now they want to do it again and again.

A marketing plan should guide you through the following points:

  • Writing the brief (setting out what you have to offer)
  • Defining your resources
  • Examine and select your options
  • Write the detailed plan which is your business map and itinerary
  • Execute the plan (this is more important than the strategy that arrived at the plan)
  • Measure the results

At The Horizon Group we can help you achieve all of this.


We can help clients with new products introduce their products to market.

We have a sister website where you can obtain further information.

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At The Horizon Group we can help you brand your product.

A brand is the process of creating a personality for a product or a service using a consistency of design and self description.

A consumer should feel emotionally involved with the brand.

A typical brand would have a unique name.  A logo a designed entity, a reputation, consistency and should be worth more than an unbranded product or service.

At The Horizon Group we can help you brand your product or service.


At The Horizon Group we can help you with your advertising campaign.

Advertising is about dramatising a brand or product.

A good advert is a story well told and observation that is true and a reminder that is something familiar.

We can help you design and market your advertising campaign.

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