General Costings


Charges are subject to change and are subject to your contract. As a general guide the prices below are an indication of our standard charges for set work. Some contracts will significantly reduce the costs 

 Annalistic/Valuation Report £700.00

 Bank Meeting/Presentation £1,250.00

 Bank Presentation/offering Document (generic) £3,500.00

 Business Plan £1,750.00

Client Fee (12 month basic) £1,500.00

Client Fee oversea Project or client  (12 month basic) £2,500.00

Client Fee Premium Service  (12 month basic Corporate Finance uk client) £5,000

Client Fee Premium Service (12 Month basic Corporate Finance oversea client) £7,500

Client Meeting (out of office) £500.00

Due Diligence £2,000.00

Funding Document (EIS, MOF, Syndicated) £1,500.00

Funding Document General £750.00

GDR Application £35,000.00

Legal Overseas (by arrangement) £5,000.00

Listing (basic exchange) £110,000.00

Meeting Overseas from £1,500.00

Mortgage Application £750.00

Progress reports £85.00

Specialist Document £1,500.00

Video Conference £100.00


Disbursements: Emails £15 Letters £25 each. Telephone £10 per call.  Faxes sent £5 per sheet.   Photocopying £5 per sheet

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