Project Finance

At The Business Finance Boutique we offer: 
Independent, impartial advice 

Cash Flow analysis and project appraisal  
Structuring complex financial packages  
Making commercial and financial aspects work together effectively 
Successful implementation of major projects and capital investments depends increasingly on finding the most effective means of raising competitive debt and equity from the most appropriate financial markets. 
Services to clients include: 
Analysing the financial feasibility of projects, project risks and financing options for projects 
Preparing financing offers to accompany bids for project-related or capital equipment supply contracts. 
Creating tailor-made financial security structures including limited recourse and off balance schemes 
Implementing such plans as raising finance from the best suited sources for the project concerned.
Success in these fields frequently lies in the ability to structure security packages to support the financing, based on the project's income-generating capability, and on other techniques to control risk and optimise financing conditions. 
The Business Finance Boutiques prime objective is to ensure that the interests of its clients are pursued and that the risks retained by its clients are kept to a minimum.
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