Mezzanine Finance

We are pleased to be able to provide this facility. 

Second or third level financing of companies financed by venture capital. 

The mezzanine finance is senior to the venture capital financing, but junior to bank financing and adds creditworthiness to the firm. 

Mezzanine finance is generally used as an intermediate stage financing preceding the company's initial public offering (IPO) and is considered less risky than start-up financing.  Security are also assured of having a greater role in managing the resulting company.

We are happy to provide further details upon application of the full business plan and to offer the necessary guidance and advice. 

In corporate finance a leveraged buy-out or restructuring finance through subordinate debt such as preferred stock or convertible debentures. This type of financing is popular in mergers and acquisitions as the transaction is financed by expanding equity as opposed to debt.

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