Aircraft Finance

The favoured market is in general aviation both fixed wing and helicopters from Chipmunks to citations, bell 47's to sikorsky S76's.  We are also able to provide finance for commercial jets and aircraft.

Types of finance generally utilised are:  

Aircraft Finance Loan Agreement
This is a popular form of financing and is a loan agreement supported by a mortgage over the aircraft.  Repayments can be over 10 years with the initial deposit and repayment periods fully negotiable.  Normally no other security is required.

Aircraft Finance Short Term
Also known as stock finance.  This is a method extensively used by dealers to minimise the effect on cashflow.  Primarily for those involved in the aviation industry as a way of putting aircraft in stock for resale.

Aircraft Finance Foreign Register
We prefer applications for G registered aircraft.  We will consider other applications on other registers on merit.  Aircraft finance can be provided for aircraft registered with the American FAA (The N Register) the Cayman Island CAA (The VP-C Register) and the Bermudan CAA (The VP-B Register).

Aircraft Finance
Being acquired abroad we will happily receive applications in any currency around the world, depending on the income stream.  We will also be happy to receive and assist customers wishing to purchase aircraft anywhere in the world, but ultimately may require the aircraft to be on the UK register.

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