Corporate Finance

•Pricing and transaction advice 
•Advice on complex capital market instruments and financings
•Authority on regulated utilities, capital markets and private finance for public sector projects and services.

Corporate Finance at the Business Finance Boutique involve providing advisory services to companies and public agencies covering in particular:

•Capital raising in both debt and equity markets 
•Acquisitions and disposals 
•Privatisation Work 
•Management buy-outs and buy-ins 
•Company valuations 
•Capital restructuring 
•Stock Exchange and takeover Code Matters 
•Debt Structures 
•Interest rate and currency hedging techniques 
•Inward investment into the UK 
•Strategic and regulatory advice 

Where required, we also work with other firms and banks including continental Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and the USA with which it maintains ongoing relationships. 

We have established a position as a leading house in a number of specialised areas including:

We advise to major corporations, covering fund-raising and financial risk managment. Social housing and private finance for public sector projects or services 
Regulated utilities and the interface between economic regulation and the financial markets 

We believe in developing long term relationships with its corporate finance clients, based on objective professional advice.

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