GDR Capital Markets

At the Horizon Group we are happy to explore various funding options for our corporate clients which can include looking to the capital markets and products such as GDR's and ADRS that can be utilised for capital raising. Below are some short information links in relation to these products.

Global Depositary Receipts

BREn involved in raising capital for many companies with Cera AKING DOWN \'Global Depositary Receipt - GDR\'

A GDR is very similar to an American depositary receipt (ADR). GDRs are called EDRs when private markets are attempting to obtain euros.

GDRs may be traded in multiple markets, generally referred to as capital markets, as they are considered to be negotiable certificates. Capital markets are used to facilitate the trade of long-term debt instruments, primarily for the purpose of generating capital. GDR transactions in the international market tend to have lower associated costs than some other mechanisms that can be used to trade in foreign securities.

Shares Per Global Depositary Receipt

Each GDR represents a particular number of shares in a specific company. A single GDR can represent anywhere from a fraction of a share to multiple shares, depending on its design. When multiple shares are involved, the receipt value shows an amount higher than the price for a single share. Depository banks manage and distribute various GDRs and function in an international context.

Trading of Global Depositary Receipt Shares

Companies issue GDRs to attract interest by foreign investors, providing a lower-cost mechanism in which these investors can participate. These shares are traded as though they are domestic shares, but they can be purchased in an international marketplace. Often, the actual shares that are allocated within the GDR are put in the possession of a custodian bank as transactions are processed, ensuring both parties a level of protection while facilitating participation.

The purchase and sale of GDRs are managed through brokers representing the buyer, generally from the home country, and seller within the foreign market. The actual purchase of the assets are multi-staged, involving a broker in the investor\'s home, a broker located within the market associated with the company that has issued the shares, a bank representing the buyer and the custodian bank.

If an investor desires, GDRs can be sold through their brokers as well. They can be sold as is on the proper exchanges, or they can be converted into regular stock for the company. Additionally, they can be canceled and returned to the issuing company.

Cera is an Investment Bank that can assist with the structuring of the finance and loans, and will work with Depositary Banks. Before GDRs can be arranged the finance terms are generally expected to be in place.

The Horizon Group has been involved in raising capital for many companies with Cera.

The Steps

To arrange GDRs one of the most important factors for DR issuers to address is investor awareness and liquidity, we can help with that.

The first step is to have the terms of the  loans and finance agreed. This is achieved with the application

The Second step is to arrange the Depositary and structure The GDRs. 

You will need different Participants  such as the Advisors, Issuer, Issuer Counsel, Banks Counsel, FSA/UKLA, Investment Bankers, Depositary Bank. Accountants all of which we can help with

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